Dr. Mohammad Tariq (aka Tariq Faraz) was born in Barabanaki and brought up in Lucknow. He was primarily educated at Lucknow University and studied English language and literature, Urdu Humanities and Modern Indian History. Tariq qualified UGC-NET in English and he was awarded the Degree of PhD in English by Lucknow University. The subject of his doctoral thesis was “Metaphor, Time and Narrative: Paul Ricoeur’s Philosophy of Language and Literary Hermeneutics.” It was a philosophical inquiry about the nature of language and the development of religious hermeneutics to the literary studies. It showed the way how a purely religious discipline legitimately came to be associated with literary hermeneutics. The thesis was broadly oriented towards Paul Ricoeur’s hermeneutics of suspicion. Tariq is currently Assistant Professor of English at JSH PG College Amroha-244221 (MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly). Almost for a decade (2012-2020), he has worked as Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Languages, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Integral University, Lucknow. He has also worked at Lucknow Christian Degree College as Lecturer in English and was Academic Counselor (English) at IGNOU, LCDC Branch, Lucknow (2011-2012). He teaches English, language, literature, criticism and Contemporary Literary Theories. Tariq has authored three books, The Prophets of Hope and Survival in the 20th Century Absurdities (2020), Diaspora as Cathartic Metaphor: A Hermeneutical Approach (2020) and New Approaches to English Literature in the Twenty-First Century Millennium (2021). A significant feature of his personality is his deep interest in academic leadership, future of academic institutions, the fresh avenues, both in creative writing and critical thinking i. e. modern English and Urdu poetry. Tariq writes in both the languages, Urdu and English. His area of specialization is in the Philosophy of Language, Existentialism and Literary Hermeneutics. At Present, he is engaged with four literary works: An Objective Approach to English Literature (2021), Victims of Forced Disappearance: Resisting Languages, Literatures and Cultures (Volume I) (2021), Hermeneutics of Suspicion and Framework for Literary Interpretation: Studies in Language, Metaphor and Epoché (2021) and The Poetic Gesture of Feminine Perspective: A Comparative Approach to the Contemporary Indo-Pak Urdu Poetry (2021). His main aim is to help people discover new meaning in their lives and work, and at a systems level, connect to the deeper meaning in organizations, communities, and societies.